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Gavezin ointment

GAVEZIN ointment with comfrey and propolis for relieving symptoms caused by sport and other injuries

Ointment consists of propolis tincture and com- frey root tincture embedded in the proper grease base. Comfrey root tincture has proven effective with internal bone fractures with blows, spraining and wrenching often followed by bruises. Thanks to allantoin, phenol acids, triterpene, micilage and other active substances, comfrey root stimulates recovery and origin of new tissues – especially bone tissue and has antiinflammatory effect on damaged muscles and joints. Propolis tincture im- proves the effect by relieving symptoms of pain.

Gavezin ointment with comfrey and propolis is recommended: – to reduce swelling, bruises, pain caused by wren-

ching and spraining, concussions, bone fractures and similar conditions caused by sport and other injuries

– with various physical trauma – caused by diffe- rent accidents with no external injuries.


For external use only!

Apply gently the ointment on painful and swo- llowed areas, where the skin has not been dama- ged, three to four times per day.