Ointment contains propolis tincture embedded in the proper grease base. Propolis is preservative as natural source of benzoic acid.

Purpose of ointment is protection film for rectum area especially for haemorrhoids when painful defecation and sour epithelia occur.

Hemopropin ointment is recommended with the internal and external hemorrhoids

– for relieving burning, itching, rashing and for bleeding blocking

– for reducing inflammation of hemorrohoid nodes

– for enhancing the healing of rectal mucosa damaged by hard stool

– for reducing pain – for prevention from hemorrhoids.



For external use only!

During the acute periods, apply Hemopropin ointment with propolis on clean anorectal area in the morning and in the evening. Later, when symptoms relieve apply only in the evening. It can also be applied by using applicator put on the tube instead of the cap. Remove the protector from the applicator’s top.



20 g i 40 g

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