Rinosan Spray


The spray contains sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorides ions. Rinosan is a spray that provides necessary level of humidity of nasal mucous membrane. Dry and dirty air causes the dying effect of mucous surface cells thus enabling noxious particles and microorganisms to enter the nasal area, increasing the possibility of infections. Due to isotonic solution, cell membranes are less porous, reducing the possibility of tiny particles to enter (alergens, for example) in nasal mucosa cells.

Rinosan nasal spray is recommended: – for natural moistening of nasal mucosa – for cold with nasal mucosa edema – with allergic rhinitis – to smokers – while exposed to dry and air-conditioned rooms – while exposed to dust and harmful atmospheric

effects – for softening and removing of filth from nose.


Apply Rinosan spray into both nostrils as required. One spray into each nostril is adequate to moisten dry mucosa. To remove dry secretion from the nose, spray into both nostrils liberally.


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